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September 29, 2022

As the sun sets, nighttime creates an atmosphere of darkness that virtually erases the qualities of the outdoor landscape. Landscape Design & Landscape Construction, Inc. specializes in the use of low-voltage outdoor lighting, which subtly enhances any landscape with its' many visual and safety benefits.

By selectively illuminating the most attractive elements, a well-designed lighting system can bring enjoyment to a property by making nighttime areas usable. Not only does a quality lighting design beautify the surroundings, it also enhances security and safety because it reduces the dangers of darkened pathways and landscape.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting subtly illuminates patios, walkways, and other pedestrian surfaces in order to no only beautify the surface materials but also to provide safety to potentially hazardous areas, such as steps and borders.

Up and Spot Lighting

Highlighting focal and important features in the landscape with either flood or directional spotlights can create dramatic shadow patterns and stunning visual silhouettes.

Down Lighting

Subtle downlighting from trees or structures is used to softly illuminate features from a higher elevation, where the light fixture is not readily visible. This method of lighting creates a romantic atmosphere by replicating the soft visual effects of the moon.

Specialty Lighting

Low-voltage lighting also satisfies many special lighting applications effectively. Illuminating such features as docks, water features, or deck handrails utilizes ones property to its fullest extent. Underwater lighting is one method to encourage visual and audible enjoyment of a water feature. Other specialty lighting methods, such as lightrope, can enhance the aesthetics of a decks' handrail, benches, or trellis' by softly illuminating and defining the architectural lines of these structures.

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